Bare The Pop Opera - Once Upon A Time Guitar Chords

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: Em, C, Am, G, D, Bm, B
Once upon a time
I first held your hand
And love was not a crime
In a private world where
Am                     G
You said 'don't look down'
                               D     C
But then I did and now you're lost above me

[verse 2]
So much left to say
Trapped alone here
With my best laid plans astray
Standing scared outside a cold church
Soul search, seeking some lost answer
       D        C
From a God who loves me

                Em        Bm
Can I turn to You in my need?
C                           G            D
Would You take me back or watch me bleed?
          Em             Bm
Are You there? There at all?
          C                          Am
And as I fall from the person that I tried to be
            C             B
Could You really love someone like me?

[verse 3]
Once upon a time
                       D        C
All I needed was Your hand in mine

And we knew it all but
Am                 G
Now I know not what I do
   D                 C
I bow my head and turn to You

Em C Em

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