Bare The Pop Opera - Absolution Guitar Chords

Chords: A6, A, A/F#, F#m, E, D
Bare, The Pop Opera - Absolution

[Peter verse]
A6                    A
He went to you for guidance
A6                A
You hid behind a screen
A6                             A/F#
Knowing how much empathy might mean
A                       F#m
Did you know how much he loved...?
F#m                      A
Did you know how much he cared...?
A                          E
Lost in the teaching was a boy
E                A/F#
So all alone and scared
Father, we were so in love!
F#m                       D
And that's what I find so odd
D                              E
 Our love was pure and nothing else
Brought me closer to God

I'm sorry, Peter

And I forgive you Father

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