Barclay James Harvest - Poor Boy Blues Guitar Chords

Barclay James Harvest

album rock, art rock, progressive rock, symphonic rock

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: C, G, Am, D, G/F#, Em
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Barclay James Harvest.
Poor Boy Blues   (Les Holroyd)

      C              G 
It's easy to see a poor boy's blues
             Am          G
When he's working every day
       C                 G
It's harder to be there in his shoes
        Am              G
He was born to be that way 


       G        C G         Am 
If I tell you tomorrow I'm leaving
               D                 G 
Would you understand the reason why?
                  C    G        Am
A poor boy works hard for his living
                    D                G
But a rich man he plays to pass the time 


Am      C                G     G/F# Em
So goodbye, pleased to know you
Am            C               G
We had some laughs along the way
Am     C          G G/F# Em
But I have to be leaving
              Am                           D
And there's nothing you can do to make me stay 

Repeat verse 1+ch.

Barclay James Harvest.Everyone is everybody else.1974.
Chords by AMJ.

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