Barclay James Harvest - Nova Lepidoptera Guitar Chords

Barclay James Harvest

album rock, art rock, progressive rock, symphonic rock

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: Am, C, D, Cmaj7, Csus4, Dm, F, G
BJH - Science Fiction: Nova Lepidoptera
Track #9, XII

Am     x02210
C      x32010
C+D    x32030
Cmaj7  x32000
Csus4  x32011
Dm     xx0231
F      133211
G      320003


[C+D]Sil[C]ver, [Cmaj7]drifting on [Am]high
[Am]Deep [Dm]range [F]star [G]lords
[C+D]Re[C]bel [Cmaj7]land of black [Am]night
[Am]Float [Dm]by [F]your [G]stars 

[Am]Mistress of fear see me towards al[F]ways
[Am]Nova bright shine far beyond all [F]time

[C+D]Be[C]ings of the [Cmaj7]fourth [Am]kind
[Am]Night [Dm]time [F]wander[G]ers
[C+D]Ring [C]worlds [Cmaj7]timeless in [Am]ice
[Am]Deep [Dm]in[F]side [G]gods 

[Am]Mistress of fear see me towards [F]always
[Am]Secret mood of corridors in [F]hyperspace
[Cmaj7]Nova bright shine far beyond the [Am]barriers of night
[F]Take me through the laser beams
The [G]moving sands of Mars to see 

[Csus4]Sil[C]ver, [Cmaj7]drifting on [Am]high
[Am]Deep [Dm]range [F]star [G]lords
[C+D]Re[C]bel [Cmaj7]land of black [Am]night
[Am]Float [Dm]by [F]your [G]stars

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