BAP - Coma Guitar Chords

Chords: Am, G, F, E, Am/F, Am/F#, C
This tab is not mine I do not take any credit for it. I found it off a website 
from Google. I searched for the tab but I found it easier to access in ultimate 
guitar website so I put it here. I take no credit for this.

Intro: Am G F (x2) E

Verse 1:Am Am/F Am/F# Am/F (x4)

Choruses: Am F C G (x4)

Verse 2: Am Am/F Am/F# Am/F Am F C G Am Am/F Am/F# Am/F (x3)

Bridge: Am Am/F Am/F# Am/F Am (Am/F) F C G (x2) E

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