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Banda Rancho Viejo


This family group was born in based in Peraza, Sinaloa, Mexico in 2006, founded by Julio Cesar Aramburo Aramburo (leader) with his father Julian Arámburo Pérez, and his brothers Michelangelo, David, Orlando, and Victor in a group that totals 13 musicians. Playing bandas, rancheras, cumbias, and corridos, this unique, hit-making orchestra played its first gig in 2006 and recorded its debut album, Como Tortilla al Comal for Disa in 2007; they scored a hit with the single "Baila Esta Cumbia." Una Vez Mas followed in 2008 and placed higher on the Regional Mexican chart. They received several nominations for this album, including best new artist at the Univision awards. Their self-titled offering appeared in 2010, and included the smash radio single "Amor a la Ligera." The legendary Fernando Camacho produced their 2011 offering Con Que Derecho. This recording offered a carefully chosen song selection. As a result, the title single and "Mi Nina Mimada" both topped the charts for radio play. In late 2012, "Tu Conciencia," a holdover single, was released to wide acclaim and once again reached the top of the radio chart, though it did not make the final album. In June of 2013, the full-length Entre un Millón was released. Once more produced by Camacho, it contained songs by hit composers Espinoza Paz, Horacio Palencia, and Luciano Moon, and eventually reached not only the top of the radio charts, but also became their best-selling offering to date.

The album was follwed by a lengthy tour and the 2014 studio album Dejando Huella, that netted two Top 30 singles in "Que Machin" and "Mi Veces Ti Quiero."

During the fall of 2015, Banda Racnho Viejo cut Luis Siqueiros' song "Ya Lo Pense" and issued it as a single in Decemeber. It was followed in February 2016 by "Con La Novedad." A new album, La Bandononoma en Mi Rancho was released in March and billed to Banda Rancho Viejo de Julio Aramburo la Bandononona with "Ya Lo Pense" as its opening track. ~ Thom Jurek, Rovi
Genres: banda, grupera, norteno, regional mexican, regional mexican pop

Guitar Chords:

Con Que Derecho
Evítame La Pena
Evítame La Pena (ver. 2)
Juguemos Al Amor
Mi Niña Mimada
Mi Niña Mimada (ver. 2)
Mi Niña Mimada (ver. 3)
Mi Niña Mimada (ver. 4)
Mi Niña Mimada (ver. 5)
Tu Cariñito
Tu Conciencia
Una Entre Un Míllón
Una Entre Un Míllón (ver. 2)
Una Entre Un Míllón (ver. 3)
Volver Da Flojera