Band of Horses - Throw My Mess Guitar Chords

Band of Horses

folk-pop, indie folk, indie pop, indie rock

Chords: D, A, G
Another simple but beautiful song. In this one two guitars play rhythm and there is a lead guitar on top. 
The two rhythm guitars are mainly hitting down strokes on the D which can sound a bit boring as a solo 
guitarist so feel free to spice up the strumming and add some embellishments on the D chord.  


D          A G D


Darling  gonna throw my mess around and holler through the night
A   G    D
One more time.
Add a little length to the neighbors day stumble to the light
    A    G   D    A    G   D
And slow my mind, slow my mind


G                          D
Gonna get wasted all night long
G                                         A        G    D
Gripping on tight to the cutlery when the paranoia comes


Think about maybe it’s been awhile, ponder it all you like
         A   G    D          
You can take your time. 
Getting me arrested was the strangest way of showing me that your mine
       A     G   D           A     G   D   
But it saved my life. Yes it saved my life


G                        D
I’ll be with you all in years
G                                          A                     G   D  
Now if anyone dies before I’m back see me laughing through those tears


Baby don’t you bring that hammer down, I'm doing it to myself
      A          G       D
Just leave these things alone
Playing on the couch with the record on, wouldn’t that be fine
         A    G    D         A     G   D   
When the days turn cold. The days turn cold


G                             D
And all the trees are turning gold
         G                                        A                G    D    
Well you see me f**king with the mercury when the change of season comes

Rough idea for lead (not the accurate slide version)


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