Band of Horses - The General Specific Guitar Chords

Band of Horses

folk-pop, indie folk, indie pop, indie rock

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: F, C, Bb, A, A#, G
Artist: Band Of Horses 
Song: The General Specific
Standard tuning

[Verse 1]
If your trials end, are really getting you down
         C                                      Bb                     F
We had a close call, I didn't even see it, then another one, I hardly believed it at all.
What the writers say, it means shit to me now.
   C                                            Bb          F         A   A#
Plants and animals, we're on a bender when it's 80 degrees, the end of December was
G        C       Bb
Only for you and me.

[Verse 2]
F                                                               C
When the showing up ends, going back to the south, where hungry necks that I know, and runnin'
               Bb                                           F
A blender in a lightning storm, disguised as a blessing I'm sure.
F                                                C
Knowing up here, there comes a fork in the road, pants have gotta go, we're on an island on
The fourth of July, looks like the tide is going home.
F                                                        C
In time I'd find a little way to your heart, down to the general store for nothing specific,
      Bb                            F     A   A#
Gonna wash my bones in the Atlantic shore
G        C       Bb
only for you and me

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