Band of Horses - St Augustine Guitar Chords

Band of Horses

folk-pop, indie folk, indie pop, indie rock

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: C, Am, F, G
Okay, I have searched high and low on the internet for accurate tabs to this
song, and i have to say, i am not very pleased with the tabs people have
posted. I do NOT use a capo to play this song, and neither does band of
horses from what i can hear. all they do is drop down a half step, which
sounds MUCH better than with the use of a capo. Here is my tab of the song
learned completely by ear. If you want to learn this song the CORRECT way,
than this tab is for you. Enjoy!

EDIT: It would appear that BoH DOES use a capo when they play it. However I 
feel that dropping a half step gives the chords a fuller sound. Personal
preference I suppose.

Tuning: Half a step down.

The base-chords used are C Am F and G.

    C                 Am

    F                 G

These are the 4 Chords and strumming patterns done throughout the whole song. Here 
are how they are used during the song:

C       Am        F          G
silver scents of Saint Augustine
C            Am       F                G
fire in the ground between my better teeth
      C       Am      F                G
we're dancing on the poison in their graves
       C           Am         F               G
at the end of the night we'd all seen better days

  F                G
i know you tried i know you're cursed
  C                  Am
i know your best was still your worst
     F             G               C        Am  
when Hollywood was calling out your name
F   G              C         Am         F        G
Saint Augustine

if i stayed behind would you let your hair grow?
i will forget the favors that you owe
I'm dreaming of car wrecks and thunderstorms bright
let's bury ourselves and go haunt someone tonight

i know you tried i know you're cursed
i know your best was still your worst
when Hollywood was calling out your name
Saint Augustine
Saint Augustine
Saint Augustine
Saint Augustine

(end last chord with C)

There you have it! The only accurate St. Augustine tab on the internet. I love 
this song, and it really bugged me that there was no dead-on tabs out there for 
it, so i decided i would share this with everyone. Hope you enjoyed it. 

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