Band of Horses - Factory Guitar Chords

Band of Horses

folk-pop, indie folk, indie pop, indie rock

Chords: C, Am, Em, G, Bm, D
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Artist: Band of Horses
Album:  Infinite Arms
Song:   Factory
tabber: John Baer (
tabbed on 4/20/2010

Intro riff: (violin converted to guitar)

 C       Am       Em  G          C        Am     Em  G 
G----------------|--------------|---------------|-------------| (x2 to 0:18)
Intro chords-play over riff-(continues to 0:19)

Verse 1:

C                   Am                Em         G
The elevator, in the hotel lobby has a lazy door
C                 Am               Em   G
The man inside is going to a hotel room
C                        Am                    Em          G
He jumped out right after seeing just the very sight of me
C                   Am                    Em   G
Decided he  better hike it to the second floor

Prechorus 1:

Bm           Em Bm              Em
Its temporary,    this place Im in
Bm          Em         Bm     Em
I permanently wont do  this again
C                                       D
My belongings scattered across the hotel floorrrr...
Chorus: No words, (Repeat intro riff)

Verse 2:

C                     Am                      Em           G
Now then later, I was thinking it over by the snack machine
C          Am                   Em   G
I thought about you and a candy bar
 C                  Am                     Em               G
The Now and Laters, now that Ive got, stuck between my teeth
 C                   Am                    Em   G
I fell asleep to the greatest movie of the year

Prechorus 2:

Bm         Em     Bm           Em  
A man gets lonely, for heavens sake
Bm             Em             Bm   Em  
He’s wondering only whatd you do today
C                                            D
The worlds spinning around into an old, sad song

Chorus: (Repeat intro riff and chords, no words)

Verse 3:

C                   Am                            Em         G
Well its coming down outside like Ive never even seen before
C            Am                Em    G
I fell into some kind of sorry state
C                     Am                         Em             G
But looking back now, I think its time for me to laugh about it
C                 Am                              Em  G
And get my things together and find something to say

Prechorus 3:

Bm          Em    Bm     Em
Well I feel awful, and I believe
Bm            Em         Bm  Em
That time gets wasted in misery
C                                    D
And darling, I never wanna come back hoommmeeee...

Chorus: (Repeat intro riff)(x3)

End on repeating chorus:

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-John Baer

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