Band of Horses - Country Teen Guitar Chords

Band of Horses

folk-pop, indie folk, indie pop, indie rock

Chords: D, Dsus2, G, Dsus, Gm, C, Dsus4
D  Dsus2  D  Dsus2

[Verse 1]
D                  Dsus2  D                           G
The night is wasted       sorry you passed out on the lawn
D          Dsus  D                          G
Hours later     you couldn't get him on the phone
                      Gm                       D  C  D
And when you got back home all the lights were on

[Verse 2]
D             Dsus2 D                                G
I can hear you      now and then the sound is almost gone

D                    Dsus2 D                              G
Well, I'd be near you      if you were willing to be near anyone

                   Gm                        D    C   D  C  Dsus4
It's never you at all when the sky begins to fall

                   G         C     D
Can you get to the point and walk away girl

                       G         C       D   Dsus4
You've been cutting it close for far too long.

                     G           C        D         C       D   C   D
There's an innocence lost throughout the day girl

                      G           C      D
When you're flipping a coin you're half away girl

                         G               C           D
I know that it would be good if I could only pick a side

                       G        C     D         C       D   C   D
You know when somebody goes somebody stays girl

[Verse 3]
D           Dsus2  D                      G
I am leaving,      leaving town and going on

D                     Dsus2  D                       G
Well I'm sorry darling,      I never meant to do you harm

                Gm                             D
The situations wrong and the blame is all your own


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