Band of Horses - Barrel House Guitar Chords

Band of Horses

folk-pop, indie folk, indie pop, indie rock

Chords: Em, Am, C, G, F, Dm, C/B
Another cool song from the new album. I tend to play a C/G for the C to get some bass drone in there.

CAPO = 1

Lead is something like this in the verse then arpeggio the bar chords for chorus.

Em  Am  C  Am
C                         Am          C                  Am                      Em           Am  G    
Shifting the chair on the porch for a better position to enjoy the warmth of the sun, to keep warm
C                      Am     C                     Am  
Working the needle and twine. Lost in the furthest recess of the mind. 
      Em             Am        Em                  Am         G 
It is calm. There is peace. A cat on his lap and a dog at her feet.

    C                  G        Am                   F    G
But oh, the heart of a man. The secrets they bury within.
C                  G 
Oh the causes that force his poor hand
Am                           F           G    C Am  C Am 
Lead to be mislead thus the deceiving of him. 

        C               Am       C                     Am
It's an item uneasily described. Misunderstandings our thoughts by and by.
           Em              Am  G
I'm barely here if even at all.
C                    Am               C                          Am
Fear of the misunderstood invites the violence right in chasing off all the good.
        Em                   Am          Em                     Am       G                  
We have brought it all on ourselves. Led astray by the words of somebody else!

    C                 G        Am                               F    G
But oh, the life of a man. His head above the water and pushed under again
C               G 
Oh I've seen it one too many times
      Am                            F           G     
Its a test of the spirit verses the health of a mind.

Dm    G        C             C/B         Am       
Oh.......bring relief to him now and the people he loves.
Dm    G             C           C/B          Am 
Oh.......I know the feel of the feeling but not what's it's called
Dm    G        C   Am   C  Am
Oh....... oh......

C                G        Am                   F     G
Oh the will of a man and all his well meaning intent.
C                    G        Am                             F          G      C
Oh the thought of it all. As far as we've come there's still further to go...

Dm    G        C             C/B         Am
Oh,all the years we lost they didn't mean nothing at all
Dm    G        C             C/B         Am
Oh,lifting the spirit impression of a son, oh
Dm    G        C             C/B         Am
Bring some peace to his heart and a wondering thought, oh
Dm    G        C             C/B         Am
Bring some peace to this world and keep passing it on       C Am  C Am

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