Bamboo - Sunshine Song Guitar Chords


classic opm, opm, pinoy indie, pop rock

Chords: C5, Bb5, A5, Ab5, Eb5, AB5
Artist: Bamboo
Song Title: Sunshine Song (*the 30 secs. song only)
Transcribed By: Muguih Nerez

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  C5 Bb5 A5 Ab5 Eb5 


C5          Bb5  A5           AB5
the sun is up, i got so many things to do
      C5         Bb5                  A5              Bb5
but its alright, i know today is gonna be a good day (be a good day)


Ab5         Bb5          Eb5  
(wake up) its a beautiful morning
Ab5         Bb5          Eb5  
(wake up) fell sunshine in your face
Ab5         Bb5          Eb5  
(wake up) its so beautiful

Ab5         Bb5          C5  
one good day comin up,

Ab5         Bb5          Eb5  
one good day comin up.

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