Bamboo - Questions Guitar Chords


classic opm, opm, pinoy indie, pop rock

Chords: Asus4, Bm, Dsus4, F#m, G#, A, Bsus4, D, E, C#m
Bamboo - Questions
Asus4 – x02200
Bm/Asus4 – x20230
Dsus4 – xx0230
F#m – 2×2200
G#/A – 4x22xx
C#msus4 – x46600
Bsus4 – x24400

Verse:  Asus4 - Bm/Asus4
It’s a lonely road out there
We’re all just waiting
For these answers that may never come our way
So we hold on to each other, hopin’ to find what’s missin’
A million more questions by the end of the day
So we’ve been giving all these inside information
This confuses me, or so driving you insane
I throw some money at
The problem here is inhibitions
I talk to someone
There’s a million more questions at the end of the day
Chorus:  Asus4 - Bm/Asus4
It’s who we are…4x

Verse: Asus4 - Bm/Asus4
We try to get a way out
Before _ change
Follow what we’re without
You turn to sacred ground
You’re the memorable,
Is it a new day
All is going all too familiar
But there’s no excuse for a change in pace
Cause I’ll be happy
Come questions at the end of the day

Chorus: Asus4 - Bm/Asus4

D- E- F#m - G#/A- A- Bm- C#m- D (2x)
Running in circles
In this once in a lifetime life
This one last chance
This broader than life
My place in this world
This day I progress
I’m about to collide with myself…with myself…with myself

outro: Asus4 - Bm/Asus4
It will all get better
All we need is time
Drag yourself out of bed
Wait for a change of season
Pray for love
Livin’ in a rainbow
Or drown in the grey
Fill in all the blanks
And all that questions by the end of the day

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