Bamboo - Looking Out For No 1 Guitar Chords


classic opm, opm, pinoy indie, pop rock

Chords: Bm, G, F#m, G#m, Em
Title: Looking Out For #1
Artist: Bamboo
Album: Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday

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Tuning: Standard

Intro: Bm-G-F#m 4x


Bm                G#m-F#m      G  G-F#m
I try, try not to get down on myself
 Bm                                 G-F#m
While in the process we got lives on the line
 Bm                        G-F#m
The deeper I get into this fight
 Bm            G-F#m      Bm                          G-F#m
I cry myself to sleep, Thinking what I shoulda coulda done


 Bm              G-F#m    Bm              G-F#m
I never I had a chance, O no don't get me wrong
 Bm                     G-F#m
We got the tools to do good
 Bm                     G-F#m
But when all's said and done


 F#m                         Em
I close my eyes I try to shut'em out
 F#m                               Em
I close my eyes pretend to hear no sound
 F#m                               Em
I close my eyes visualize this is paradise
 F#m                                 Em
I close my heart my conscience is my price

Verse II: (Do CP: Bm-G#m-F#m)
Keep telling yourseld the world's gonna be just fine
Ya'll play by the rules but I'm just gonna live by mine
How did we ever get to this point of such distraction
No excuses take the money and run run run
I serch my soul thinking what I shoulda done.

(Do CP: F#m-Em)
Your world just stops, Its getting harder and 
harder to feel, Just waiting buting time
Looking for answers till know what's real
It don't feel the same will I heal
Will I ever ve the same I hope I will

Verse III:(Do CP: Bm-G#m-F#m)
Church time, About time I prepare myself
For that long climb up on my 
Knees form the bowels of hell,
But I've jad recent paractice swimming against the tide
Redemption a lonely road but someone's gotta try
Thirty pieces of silver to reclaim my soul
I'll sing to the heavens with my luck
The gates will still be closed 
Still be closed

(repeat chorus)

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