Bamboo - Little Child Guitar Chords


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Chords: G, Am, F
Title: Little Child
Artist: Bamboo
Album: Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday

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Tuning: Standard

Intro: G-Am-F (2x)

Verse I:

G                   Am
Currently disabled out of order
What should I do, what should I Keep
G                 Am
All my pride or my dignity
So few choices for the man on the street, 
G                  Am
The way I look at the fire that burns
Never make the same mistake twice,
G                         Am
As we stumble and fall,And as time breaks and fall
I learn of things both here and beyond me

Intro: G-Am-F (2x)


G          Am   F
Little child I was once a little boy like you
G                             Am
But I grew up fast and I never did forget
The child that I once knew
G                              Am
Live as you have loved learn as you live
The higher power will give you 
what your money can't give
G                        Am
And as tomorrow becomes yesterday
I learn of things both here and beyond me,
    G         Am      F
As tomorrow becomes yesterday

(Do Cp: G-Am-F-G)
It's a games of liability, 
a copyright of our own instability
The seed of hich you plant out will sow
It's that simple any farmer would know
No slight of hand from no charlatan
No political deceit from no politician
And as tomorrow becomes yesterday
I learn of things both here and beyond me.

(repeat chorus)

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