Bamboo - I-You Guitar Chords


classic opm, opm, pinoy indie, pop rock

Chords: G, Dm, Am, C
artist: Bamboo
album: Light Peace Love
song: I-You
transcribed by: Patrick Henry A. De Guzman 


vErse 1: G-Dm-Am-C (naka palm mute sha, and use power chords, ung broken)
 Leads to freedom
 It's everyone's opinion 
 not my own
 Crystal Kingdom
 It's everybody's mission
 not my own

 Not too young, not that old
 Neither bitter, neither cold
 Just an optimist
 Just a little cynical (not sure on the lyrics w/ this part)

Chorus: G-Dm-Am-C
  G                                            Dm 
 All these years I never really knew what love is
  Am                  C 
 'til I found you... found you 

all through out ng song G-Dm-Am-C ung gamit na chords... ung sa lead part... scale ng G..
 ata.. gawin nyong notes ung chords... halimbawa G is So, Dm is Re, Am is La, C is Do...
hanapin nyo ung notes dun sa guitar mismo... tapus un na... nga pala, stig ung Light
Peace Love na album... bili kayo, 300 php lang...

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