Bamboo - Dinner At 6 Guitar Chords


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Song versions: 1 2 3
Chords: Bm, F#, D, G, A, E, A/C#
>> I love this creative, unique teasing song by Bamboo. This may be a little hard for beginners but here's the
chords you'll need if you want to play this as exactly as the song itself. Many fast chords shifts but at least
it's playable by all chords and just by being familiar with the chord pattern. :)

|| Title: Dinner At 6
|| Artist: Bamboo
|| Album: As The Music Plays [2004]
|| Song length: 5:42

INTRO: Bm-F#-D-G-Bm-F#-G--  (2x)

 Bm       F#       D         G             Bm
Dinner at 6 I can no longer wait for your call
           F#          G
I've been waiting for days
          Bm              F#             D         G
Oh, it's hard for me to think you've forgotten my number
         Bm               F#            G
When we had such a nice chat the other day
         Bm          F#
Nothing serious has happened
      D           G
It's been a good weekend
           Bm       F#
Called my mother 3 times
Streaks finally broken
Bm                 F#                   D        G
It's been a while since I've seen such a lovely face
      Bm       F#      G          Bm       F#      G
Will nothing spoil my day... let nothing spoil my day

      A        F#            G
I'm afraid to look, only to find
          A   F#                   G
Could be like the rest, give me a sign
 You think you've figured me out
       F#               G
I'm a mess, you still want to stay
      A                            F#                       G
Like fine wine this keeps getting better with time what's the delay

         Bm                 F#           G
Well I know this all looks bad but underneath it all
          Bm                     F#                G
But your timing couldn't be any better this is my curtain call
         Bm              F#                        G
Well I know you know my name that little look you gave, it gave it away
      Bm  F#        D    G         Bm            F#    G
So behave,  I'll be nice,  mother, don't need be told twice 

Bm        F#         D          G    Bm  F#  G
6 in the morning and I'm still here...       I'm still here
          Bm          F#  D  G
What you read in the paper
        Bm             F#  G
Yes, I tell you their lies
      Bm     F#             D        G
Stop looking me with those vanishing eyes
     Bm         F#       G 
The gods have spoken and I'm forced to fib 
            Bm       F#                   D            G
It was the night of night so I went out for a little drink
               Bm          F#      G
Met up with an old friend said hello
             Bm      F#  G      A,F#
Goodbye... I gotta go     oh, h -o-me...

Only to find nobody
        A  F#                                        G
You afraid  to take a hard look let me sell you my story, it's tragic
         A                        F#
So you think you've figured me out
I'm a mess, you still want to stay
           A                     F#
Save your tears for later I got something cooking
Let's not delay...

(repeat CHORUS)

D-A/C#-Bm-F#-G-D-E-F#- (2x)
(Intro chords after)

(Intro chords until end)
You better behave
Take a better look at yourself
You better behave
Take a better look at yourself

This is a shame
This is a shame
That I've fallen from grace (6x)

That I'm falling
Have I fallen? (3x)

Such a shame... (5x)
How far have you fallen?  (3x)

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++Daryl Kayanan++

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