Ballyhoo! Guitar Chords



Maryland Beach Rock.
The band’s music has become known as the go-to for setting the tone for a day at the beach. A nice drive on a beautiful day. A backdrop for pre-game drinks with friends.

Ballyhoo! shows are about love and good vibes. The melodies are contagious and the lyrics are meant to connect at a human level. This band wants to lift up anyone that wants to listen.
Genres: jawaiian, reggae rock

Guitar Chords:

A Lesson In Gravity
Bad Credit
Beach Party
Beautiful Day
Blaze This Weed
Cali Girl
Cali Girl (ver. 2)
Close To Me
Diamonds (ver. 2)
Love Letters
Love Letters (ver. 2)
Man On The Moon
Morning Sunlight
Outta My Mind
Overnight Sensation
Rt 40 Ho
Saw Her Standing
Say Im Wrong
Somewhere Tropical
The Getaway
The Quest
The Struggle
Walk Away
Walk Away (ver. 2)
Walk Away (ver. 3)
When They Told Me