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Balancing The Different


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Early in the year 2013, Balancing The Different was formed by three comrades in room 211 of a beautiful hotel in Clearwater, Florida. Although Tyler Gonzales, Shane Dawson and Brady Dragmire founded Balancing The Different, the band now consists of Tyler, Darin Rinn, Travis Juch, and John Defeo. The group makes their music in Los Angeles, California with producer Mike Pepe and resides in Austin, Texas. The Band aims to fuse Austin's weirdness with more normalized and professional lifestyles. Balancing The Different blends an original flavor of fast paced riffs with contemporary rock and pop punk lyrics inspired by bands like Taking Back Sunday blink 182 and Twenty one pilots. They are well known for their songs "I Tried" and "Trix", however all of their music features new sounds and complexity.

Guitar Chords:

I Tried