Bad Religion - Wrong Way Kids Guitar Chords

Bad Religion

pop punk, punk, skate punk

Chords: D5, C5, Bb5, F5, D, C, Bb
Song:  Wrong Way Kids
Band:  Bad Religion
Album: The Dissent of Man

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D5---C5---F5--- (pick slide)

Verse 1:
D5             C5         F5        Bb5
Stop them from shimmering away
D5                C5                 F5               Bb5
On blank sidewalk glittering asphalt somewhere summer days
D5                C5             Bb5          F5
The wrong way kids were something more than friends
F5           C5             F5    (pick slide)
Navigating a sprawl without end

F5                        C5
Did you ever want to take bad advice?
Bb5                         F5
Did you ever want to go and take it twice?
F5                       C5                 Bb5           F5
Do you remember when the world began to put up its thorny fence?
          D5        C5
Right you are my friend
          D     C    Bb
So what’s wrong with them?
Bb5          F5        C5
There go the wrong way kids
D5           C5      Bb5     F5
Singing whoa oh whoa oh whoa oh ohhhh
D5           C5      Bb5     F5
Singing whoa oh whoa oh whoa oh ohhhh
D5      C5      Bb5   F5
Whoa oh whoa oh whoa oh ohhhh
         F5            C5        F5       (pick slide)        
And they call them the wrong way kids

Verse 2: (same chords as verse 1)

The kids today are gone away petitioning the dust
With nobody to look up to because they're looking up to us
Just misfit melancholy dregs gone lost in the mall
Wanderers to nowhere at all

::Repeat Chorus::

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