Bad Religion - True North Accostic Guitar Chords

Bad Religion

pop punk, punk, skate punk

Chords: G, Cm, F, D
  G       G      Cm    F    D         
| ^ |   | ^ |  | ^ |   |   | ^
v | v   v | v  v | v   v   v |

G                Cm   F D
Unrepentant vagabond.
G                            Cm           F  D
Plot the new coordinates and cast the map aside.
G                Cm   F D
Now I gotta ramble on,
G                            Cm           F  D
Navigate the pitfalls and cross the great divide.

Cm                        F 
The mapmaker's legend has direction and a key.
Cm                               D           
He set the declination, but what good is it to me?

G                    Cm          F                      D
I can't see the rationality. The world's not my responsibility.
    G               Cm                F                             D
And happiness isn't there for me, but maybe I'll inch closer to the source
Cm     D         G    Cm   F   D                     G
When I find true north.............With or without a friend.
Cm             F        D        G G G        
Keep searching till the end.

G                Cm   F D
Testing fate and cheating death.
G                            Cm           F  D
No one ever told me it was gonna be like this.
G                Cm   F D
Contemplate the randomness.
G                            Cm           F  D
When the mind is willing, it gets downright perilous.

Cm                              F
Overburdened, underwhelmed, their ethical decrees.
Cm                                   D
That's your moral compass, but what good is it to me?

Chorus: Repeat
Cm     F         G G G~
When I find true north.

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