Bad Religion - Social Suicide Guitar Chords

Bad Religion

pop punk, punk, skate punk

Chords: C, F, G, Em, Am, Dm
Social Suicide - Bad Religion
The Empire Stries First - 2004 - Track 3
Tabbed By: Stephen Parsons -

Ive looked at the some of the other tabs here and the chorus sounds off, this one sounds right
Listen to the song for the rythym (played in power chords, though open chords can be used too)

Intro x4 (guitar 2 pickslide during 3rd and 4th time)

Verse is same as intro (x4)

Right now
Well it's finally time to face my fears
Gonna get the hell out of here
And create a fresher atmosphere
But the consequence is clear

Chorus x1 (Pm the last F chord twice)
C                   F       C      G
(Furnace) There's a furnace set on high
      F        Em   Am
And a yearning undefined
         F       C        G
But it's time to turn the tide
     F       G
It's social suicide


Bridge x3 (4th time pm Am chord and slowly open up, followed by a pickslide)
AmAmAmAmAm F CCCC G Dm(maybe C?)  

Shadows entertain the unwashed masses
Scholars explain their numb reactions
I don't even know if I can ever find truth
but I'm sure it won't come from following you


Intro - End on A

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