Bad Religion - Quality Or Quantity Guitar Chords

Bad Religion

pop punk, punk, skate punk

Chords: D, Bb, C, F, G
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Subject: CRD:Quality or Quantity by Bad Religion
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 1996 13:49:36 +0200

Artist:Bad Religion
Song : Quality or Quantity
Album : Against the Grain
>From : Andri Kramer ""
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Quality or Quantity
(*** play power-chords (root and 5th, no 3rd) ***)

Intro : D  Bb  D  Bb  D  Bb  |C F| 
        D  D  F   C
        D  D  |Bb F| |C G|

D                F C      
Offer me eternity, 
         D                          |Bb F| |C G|
And I'll trade a cup of coffee and a dime
D                   F C   
Looking for a handout 
     D                               |Bb F| |C G|
on behalf of those who have so little time,

      D            F            C          D 
  But who wants to live on just 70 cents a day?
  D            F               C                  D  
  Padding your pockets doesn't make this a better place,
  D           F           C                  D          
  "Cereal and water" is a feast for some you say,
       D            F                 Bb              C
  Your price-tag on existence can't cover your double face,

    D          Bb             
    Quality or quantity (x3) 
      C                  D  D  F  C   D D |Bb F| |C G|
    a choice you have to make,

D                   F C        
Dipping in the icing 
         D                               |Bb F| |D G|
bringing home the largest turkey from the field,
D                             F               C
Breaking all the piggy banks, scooping up the booty,
D                             |Bb F|       |C G|
Licking all the right holes, bolstering the payroll,

  D          F         C                 D  
  Why reduce life to a dollar amount per day?
      D           F                C               D
  And why let the world think this is the American way?
       D       F            C                  D
  Your uneaten greens are a feast for some you say,
     D         F          Bb                 C
  Survival and living are concepts you can't equate,

    D          Bb                  C                   D
    Quality or quantity (x3) don't tell me they're the same,
    Quality or quantity (x3) a choice you have to make,

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