Bad Religion - Lost Pilgrim Guitar Chords

Bad Religion

pop punk, punk, skate punk

Chords: B5, D5, G5, A5, F#5, Em, E5, C#5
Hey, There’s already a very good version for this song, but I wanted to submit the 
cause it’s easier to read and especially easier to print out – I might do this for other Bad 
songs, too.

But if you play with your guitar in front of the computer I would recommend the other tab.

It’s also very good for learning the timing and when you have to play only power chords 
full chords.

Anyway, I think my version is okay, and I made it a LITTLE different, I think 2 times 
the other guy used high notes (a high G and a High F#) I used the lower ones, I listened 
hard to figure it out, and I’m not 100% sure..but it might be right..

So the only times I use the higher notes I used this * so you will see -)

Please comment if you don’t understand something or think something’s wrong..

Okay I'm not getting it..
I focused a lot to get the timing right, to write every single chord change over the 
word and HERE in this "editing window" it all looks perfect, but as soon as i click on 
tab" it doesn't really look right anymore..

so you have to figure out the chord changes yourself..(thanks to ultimate-guitar)

B5 			    D5     G5
Pilgrim, those are dry and bitter tears
     A5			     D5       A5              B5      F#5
and lonely Eyes that look way beyond your years
B5 			      D5     G5
Pilgrim, did you drink the mercury?
         A5			     D5          A5        B5      F#5
Your lips turned blue and you're struggling just to see,
               G5		      A5         D5          A5   
You were too far gone to carry on, now your life has stalled,
            G5                     Em                  F#5
As you march ahead yet go no place at all..

Pilgrim, when you left them all behind
The loneliness destroyed your able mind,
Pilgrim, see the writing on the door?
It's taking you back to a place you were before

And the next in line paces your stride waiting for your fall,
With a hope that lies in a hidden master's call

G5    A5        D5     A5        G5
Pious eyes ignoring passers by
G5           A5        B5
Headlong to their grave
G5          A5        D5          A5          G5
Don't despair this world of toil and care.
       F#5  E5*  D5  C#5    **
This pilgrim    lost his way

** This is where the solo starts… I think the first chord along with the “way” lyric is 
B5 , but I’m not 100% sure.

Check out the other tab for the solo.. - I don’t want to steal it.
But the chords for it should be something like this: but im not sure so check out the 
tab again :D

B5   D5 G5  A5  D5 A5 B5 F#5

Pilgrim will you ever find your call?
Is truth so pure that you're willing to risk it all?

Pious eyes ignoring passers by
Headlong to their grave
Don't despair this world of toil and care.
This pilgrim lost his way

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