Bad Religion - God Song Guitar Chords

Bad Religion

pop punk, punk, skate punk

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: Em, C, D, Bm, G6, Em/G, G, G/F#
Intro (2x): Em C Em D Bm

Verse 1:

Em  G6  Em              C     Em
And did those feet in ancient times
Em/G     D        Bm           Em
Trod on America's pastures of green?
Em  G6       Em       C      Em
And did that anthropocentric God
                D              Bm          Em
Wane with their thoughts and beliefs all unseen?

Chorus 1:

Em/G          D
I don't think so
                                 Em  C
He's up there with the others laying low
Em/G        D
Vying with those
    Bm                                      Em   C  Em D Bm Em C Em
Who you've traded your life to to bless your soul

Verse 2:

Em  G6        Em   C         Em
And have they told you how to think
Em/G                  D          Bm  Em
Cleansed your mind of sepsis and autonomy?
Em  G6      Em           C    Em
Or have you escaped from scrutiny
Em/G            D          Bm    Em
And regaled yourself with depravity?

Chorus 2:

Em/G       D  
Now we all see
                        Em         C Em
Religion's just synthetic frippery
Em    G  D
   Bm                   G/F#         Em
In our expanding global culture of efficiency

Em C Em D Bm (2x)

Chorus 3:

Em/G       D
Now we all fear
                                 Em  C Em
This impasse we have built to our future
Em  Em/G  D
Ever so near
       Em C Em D Bm (3x)
And oh so austere

End on Em.

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