Bad Religion - Broken Guitar Chords

Bad Religion

pop punk, punk, skate punk

Chords: D5, Am, G, F, Dm, E

-Hope you enjoy this-


Intro - start with a bend


Am   G     F              Dm
She said, Thanks but I'm broken
Am G      F             Dm
I guess, You must have misspoken
Am      G           F          Dm         E
What a laugh, I've never been chosen by anyone


Am      G        Am
She was barely a teen
        E      Am
Hanging out in between
       G           F      Dm  
Just a part of the scene
Am   G         Am
With mercurial smile
    E          Am
And incurable style
        G      F       Dm 
She was only a dream
Am     G
How's that
   F             Dm
He didn't know a thing about
Am      G           F                Dm
Making love to the kind of girl you read about


A[m/ch]  G         F           Dm
He said, I'm bound to be broken
Am  G               F             Dm
My Daddy bet, That I'd amount to nothing
Am        G  F        Dm        E
He won't let anybody show him anything


Am       G        Am
He was a troubled child
         E          Am
Had been down for a while
       G       F      Dm 
Always kept to himself
Am     G        Am
No she couldn't defend
        E        Am
He only wanted a friend
         G              F      Dm 
Now he's made something else
Am       G   F             Dm
It's so sad no one saw it coming
Am   G                  F              Dm
The paper said that he hit the ground running


Am  G       F            Dm
Oh yeah, I know I'm not broken
Am        G            F             Dm
A little cracked, But still I'm not broken
Am       G           F              Dm          E
I wanna laugh but I think that I'm choking on reality


When the
Am                                       E
World is turning for you, Don't turn on me
Who are you here to repair, Well I don't know what you mean
You could never resist, Glorifying despair

Well now it's coming to you and I don't really care


Am G Am E, Am G F Dm


         Am       G       Am
Well I'm not, The kind to insist
    E            Am
You couldn't have missed
   G       F      Dm           
We must co exist
Am             G         Am
   So please listen to me
E               Am       G     F      Dm 
There is no such thing as human debris


Am  G       F            Dm
Oh yeah, I know I'm not broken     
Am        G            F              Dm
A little cracked, But dad I'm not so nothing
Am       G      F       E
I wanna laugh, I'm not joking


    Am   G   F   Dm
I'm unbroken
        (Oh yeah I said I'm unbroken)
    Am   G   F   Dm
I said I'm unbroken
        (A little cracked it's just a token)
    Am   G   F   Dm
I'm really not broken
        (What a guess I'm unbroken)

Am G F Dm E

End on Am

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