Bad Religion - Adams Atoms Guitar Chords

Bad Religion

pop punk, punk, skate punk

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: Em, D, C, G
Tuning: Standard

Chords:  Em:022000



Em        D
Some live, some die
C                           G                D    C
Everybody wonders why we're here should even try
G                        D      C    G
Philosophers lost in the night

Verse 1:

  D                           C
A beacon in the distance, you gotta turn around
    G                          D
Its vestige dimly flickers in elocution sound
    D                        G
The modernist chronometer uptight and underwound
   C                      D
Pretensions of a higher ground


        C Em
Higher ground
    G  D                Em
Introspective paradise found
C Em   G D      Em
Adam's atoms resound

Verse 2:
D                      C
Economy of nature, the dead and shallow graves
   G                        D
The particles of happiness elude us in their names
  D                     G 
A psycho-symbiotical reflection on the waves
  C                     D 
Eternal as the night and day

          C Em
Night and day
G    D                  Em
Omnipresence is losing faith
C Em   G D     Em
Adam's atoms remain


Em D C G D C G D 

Verse 3:
    D                        C
The righteous opposition has led us all astray
    G                          D
One side against the other, one loses, one reclaimed
    D                   G 
And if reconciliation eludes us every day
C                        D
Then will we ever find a way?

Last Chorus:
       C Em
Find a way
 G     D                 Em
Not without religion as gaze
C Em   G D     Em
Adam's atoms remain
C Em   G D      Em
Adam's atoms betray
C Em   G D     Em
Adam's atoms remain

End on Em

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