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Backhouse Mike


Michael Thomas Corcoran (born December 9, 1972), also known as Backhouse Mike, is a musician, singer, singer-songwriter, composer, sound designer, arranger, orchestrator and record producer who formed at the end of the 90s, along with CJ Abraham, a composition and production of the association Backhouse Mike & The Super Chris.

They started individually with commercials and sound design projects, and are still composing music for television and film commercials. And then they started co-writing and co-producing with Drake Bell, including their first and second albums. Backhouse Mike also wrote the song of the final credits of the movie Superhero Movie with Drake Bell.

Guitar Chords:

Christmas Promise
Feels Good To Feel Right
Get It Right
Get It Right (ver. 2)
I Believe
Leave It All To Me Icarly Theme
Make Me Wait
Take Me Back
Whatever My Love