Babyshambles - Ballad Of Grimaldi Guitar Chords


britpop, garage rock, indie rock, modern rock

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: Am, Em, B7, C, G, D7
Artist: Pete Doherty (Babyshambles/Libertines)
Song: The Ballad of Grimaldi
Tabbed by: M. Goddijn

Note: During recording Pete's guitar was a little bit out of tune so it might 

sound a little bit wrong if you try to play along with the song, but if you play 

the song by yourself and then listen to the cd you'll hear it's correct. You 

could maybe compromise the mistuning by capoing on the first fret.

Try to find out the rhythm yourself by listening to the song.
When playing Em hit the normal Em chord the first strum and play the F-note (3rd 

fret) on your D-string (3rd string) the second time you strum.

Am  Em  Am  Em  B7  Em
Sometimes a Am/C(x43320) is played instead of Am

Verse 1
Am  Em  Am  Em  B7  Em

B7 barred (x24242)

C  G  C  B7  C  B7  C  B7

Verse 2
Am  Em  Am  Em  B7  D7  Em

The riff that is played between the chord loops in the verse:
This riff is played in several ways. Sometimes Pete uses hammer-ons and pull-offs 

to create variety and sometimes one or two notes are different. You should be 

able to figure this out yourself.

Tabbed in january 2006. Email any corrections to

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