Babyshambles - Back From The Dead Guitar Chords


britpop, garage rock, indie rock, modern rock

Song versions: 1 2 3
Chords: G, B, Bm, A, Em, F#m
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"?" chord is e¦ 2
             G¦ 0
             B¦ 0

Bm A Em ? F#m

Even if you were alright
Go on put your arms around me mate
And you hear an honest remark and,

Bm                           A

I heard it said you had come back from the dead
          Em                   ?              F#m  
You were paying it so fine, scooping up the soul of the wine

Bm                           A
Courage my boy when you looked them in the eye

Em                                   ?                       F#m     
Try not to look too scummy, if you need some money now you need some money,

    Bm  A  Em    ?
Now oh.................

He didn’t like my voice but,

Bm                           A

Was a hell of a year for you me my friend and i,

Em                 F#m     
Promises promises, you’ve heard them all before

Bm A Em  ?  F#m
Love is... just around the corner,

Bm          A       
This ain’t no happy place to be,

Em                             ?                             F#m
There’s nothing nice about me, nothing nice around me almost everyone agrees,

Bm                       A   
Courage my boy when you looked them in the eye,

Em                            ?     F#m   Bm     
Try not to look real fun mate


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