Babyshambles - Albion Guitar Chords


britpop, garage rock, indie rock, modern rock

Song versions: 1 2 3
Chords: C, Fmaj7, Dm, Am, G


C Fmaj7 Dm  Am  G   
(needs a few hammer-ons and sus chords putting in)

[Verse 1]

C               Fmaj7
 Down in Albion, they're black and blue
C                        G
 But we don't talk about that
C                       Fmaj7
 Are you from round here? How do you do?
C                      G
 I'd like to talk about that...
C                         Fmaj7
 Talk over, gin in teacups, leaves on the lawn
C                      G
 Violence at bus stops, and a pale thin girl with eyes forlorn
C                       Fmaj7
 Ahhh gin in teacups, and leaves on the lawn
C                             G
 Violence in dole queues and a pale thin girl,

behind the checkout...


 But if you're looking for a cheap sort
     C            G false anticipation
       Fmaj7                              C           G
 I'll be waiting in the photo booth in the underground station
Fmaj7        C                             G
 So come away, won't you come away and go to...


Catford, Watford, Lincoln, Digby, Liverpool
                C Fmaj7 Dm Am G
Anywhere in Albion...

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