B*Witched - To You I Belong Guitar Chords


bubblegum dance, dance pop, europop, girl group

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: Cm, Bb, Gm, G#, C#, Eb, C
B*Witched - To You I Belong - Transcribed by David Lamb

*These files are my own work. I have transcribed them by listening to the Sony music recording. 
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I'm none too happy about the chords here, but they appear to work.. Ho hum :)

Cm         Bb    Gm       G#
Rain fell down, you were there.

Cm            Bb        Gm       G#
I called for you when I hurt my hand.

  Cm     Bb          Gm         G#
Storm a rushin' in, wind was howlin'

    Cm       Bb             G#
I called for you, you were there.

          C#            Eb
Whenever dark turns to night,

              C#               Eb
And all the dreams sing their song.

             C#        G#
And in the daylight forever,

    C# C     Eb
To You I Belong.

VERSE 2 - Chords same as VERSE 1
Beside the sea, where the waves broke
I drew a heart for you in the sand
in fields where stream turned to river
I ran to you, you were there.

same as chorus 1, with the following exception:
   C#  C    Cm
To You I Belong
(this is because the songs guitar fill comes in now)

chords as verse 1

words and chords as chorus same as chorus 1
repeat "To You I Belong" twice more.

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