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Aya Nakamura (born Aya Danioko in Bamako, Mali in 1995) is a French Afrobeat/R&B singer of Malian origin, mostly known for the #1 hit single Djadja (2018).

Coming from a family of griots (West African storytellers, praise singers / poets of oral tradition), she was the oldest of five siblings in her family. Immigrating to France with her family, she resided in Paris northern suburbs. She later launched into music taking the name Nakamura, after the character Hiro Nakamura of the NBC Heroes science fiction drama series.

In 2017, propelled by the African-tinged, club-ready single Comportement (Behavior) - certified Platinum in France with over 20 Million streams to date), she released her latest album Journal Intime (Personal Diary) in August 2017, now certified GOLD.

In Spring 2018 she released new single 'Djadja', first extract from her sophomore album.
This instant smash went quickly #1 in France and she became the first female artist to achieve Diamond status that year. It quickly became viral and then spread to Europe as she became the first French female artist to top the Dutch charts since Edith Piaf, and then charted in Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Romania among others.

On Nov 2 she released her much anticipated new album 'Nakamura'.
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