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Parisian Pop Rock songwriter and singer Axel Bauer first came to prominence with the release of "Cargo" in 1983, featuring in a video he elaborated along with young filmmaker Jean-Baptiste Mondino, that would then become the first to be screened on the French version of MTV in 1984. 
Roger Daltrey, from The Who  covered the song on his 1987 solo album "Can't Wait to See the Movie" .
Axel Bauer went on to sign a contract with EMI and became the first French artist to be housed in London by the record label. His first album as part of the deal, was "Les Nouveaux Seigneur". Back in Paris in 1990; Bauer signed with Universal where he released his follow-up work, "Sentinelles" , with one of its singles, "Eteins la lumière", going gold a year later.
After a long period of touring, Axel Bauer became a father of one and felt the need to retire for a while from the music industry.
He came back with "Simple Mortel" at the end of the 1990s, with critical praise outweighing commercial success.
The album "Personne n'est parfait", from which a duet with pop star Zazie, "À ma place", was included, was released in 2001. "A ma place" went on to sell 600,000 copies with the album going nearly platinum.
In 2003 Axel Bauer released his first 'best-of' compilation« La Désintégrale ».
In 2006 he gave birth to his fifth album « Bad Cowboy » which includes the remarquable track « Alligator ».
In 2013, he delivered Peaux de Serpent. A very intimate and dark album with neo romantic edges. For this news opus he surrounded himself with chosen authors such as Anne Fontaine, Gérard Manset… The video for «Souviens-toi » pictures him talking to a snake.
Not only Axel Bauer is a songwriter and singer, but he is also a very skilfull guitarist. Therefore he was invited in 2015 to "Autour de La guitare," a serie of concerts featuring some the world greatests guitar players. Some guests ike Robben Ford, Rob Thal or Larry Carlton played along with him.
The same year he created GAM (guilde des artistes de la musique) and was ranked to Chevalier des Arts et Lettres by the French minister of Culture.
In 2017 a compilation of his greatest success was recorded at the Ferber Studio in Paris and « Live à Ferber » was released.
Axel Bauer also writes for TV and Film soundtracks.
His next album is due to 2018.

Genres: chanson, french rock

Guitar Chords:

A Ma Place
Eteins La Lumière