Avril Lavigne - You Were Mine Guitar Chords

Avril Lavigne

canadian pop, candy pop, dance pop, pop

Chords: A, D, E/G#, F#m, Bm, G, F, C, A/C#, B, F#, E, C#m, G#m
This song can be downloaded at www.avrilbandaids.com and look
for the media section then look for NAPANEE FAIR.

Before the song starts she talks first like this below

Ok I don't you say sit in a store but this song is I just kinda
prefers at most to all

Can I have a Dixie chicks song called "You Were Mine"
And This is my first time singing this in public
Some kinda bit excited (laughs) ok

Chords used:

A     x02220
D     xx0232
E/G#  4xx45x
F#m   244222
Bm    x24432
G     320033
F     133211
C     x32010
A/C#  x4222x
B     x24442
F#    244322
E     022100
C#m   x46654
G#m   466444

      A          D          A         D

Verse 1:
A                        E/G#
I can't find a reason to let go
     F#m                   D
Even though you've found a new love
          F#m                  D
And she's what your dreams are made of
A                      E/G#
I can find a reason to hang on
          F#m             D
What went wrong can be forgiven
        F#m                 D       A
Without you, it ain't worth livin' alone

    E       D       A         D
Sometimes I wake up crying at night
        E       D               A
And sometimes I scream out your name
     E              D       A
What right does she have to take your heart away
         Bm       D        E
When for so long, you were mine

Verse 2:
  A                                E/G#
I took out all the pictures of our wedding day
         F#m              D
It was a time of love and laughter
F#m        D
Happy ever after
    A                            E/G#
But even those old pictures have begun to fade
       F#m               D
Please tell me she's not real
                F#m           D       A
And that you're really coming home to stay

(Repeat Chorus)

G                D
  I can give you two good reasons
   F                   C
To show you love's not blind
     A             E/G#          F#m        D
He's two and she's four, and you know they adore you
   Bm        A/C#      D                   E
So how can I tell them you've changed your mind

(Repeat Chorus with 1 step note higher E-->F#)

    F#      E       B         E
Sometimes I wake up crying at night
        F#       E              B
And sometimes I scream out your name
     F#             E       B
What right does she have to take your heart away
         C#m      E        F#
When for so long, you were mine

    C#m         E        B
I remember when you were mine

      B          E         G#m        E      B

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