Avril Lavigne - Take Me Away Guitar Chords

Avril Lavigne

canadian pop, candy pop, dance pop, pop

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Chords: Em, D, Am7, C, Cmaj7, A5, G/C, G
Avril Lavigne
Take Me Away
Under My Skin
Standard tuning

Em   D   Am7   C D    x2

Em   D       Am7     C     D
   I can-not find-a way to des-cribe it 
Em       D      Am7     C     D
   Its there-inside all I do is hide 
Em    D      Am7          C    D
   I wish that it would just go away
Em        D     Am7       
   What would you do-you do if you knew?
C                 D
   What would you do?
              Em             Cmaj7
  All the pain I thought I knew 
  All the thoughts lead back to you 
            Em             Cmaj7     
Back to what was never said                   CHORUS
              D               A5
Back and forth inside my head
Em     Cmaj7   D
I can't handle this confusion 
Em  Cmaj7   D       NC          Em
I'm unable come and take me away
D   Am7   C D   

Em        D     Am7  C   D
   I feel like I am all alone 
Em        D    Am7          C       D
   All by myself I need to get around this 
Em        D           
   My words are cold 
Am7               C      D     
   I don't want them to hurt you
Em       D
   If I show you 
   I don't think you'd understand
C                   D
   Cuz no one understands


   I'm going nowhere on and on and
   I'm getting no where on and on and take me away
   I'm going no where on and on and off 
   And on and off and on 


Cmaj7    D        A5      Em        Cmaj7 
              Take me away
D          A5      Em    Cmaj7     D
      Take me away____________________
     A5      Em     G    D    Em
Take me away

make sure you watch out for the last ending of the chorus- odnt go through with all the
chords with no words, just go straight to the chord pattern after that. Other than that-
its perfect! if you have any problems with it, take it up with avril herself cuz its
right out of the book!!

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