Avril Lavigne - Something Isnt Right Guitar Chords

Avril Lavigne

canadian pop, candy pop, dance pop, pop

Chords: C, F, Am, Em, G, D
intro: C,F,C,F

C            F           C         F
apples are green, don't wanna be mean,

          Am   Em     G       
But something isn't right.

D                Am          D         Am
Slip out of your window, but please be quiet.

            Am    Em    G
Cause something isn't right, again

chords basically go on like that. 


Would you like to know where everyone goes {yeah}
Why aint it all right?


I'm gonna Hold on to your love hun
hold it on forever
something isn't rigth ya know
make something up in my mind
somethign isnt right yeh

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