Avril Lavigne - Forgotten Guitar Chords

Avril Lavigne

canadian pop, candy pop, dance pop, pop

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: Cm, D#, Dm, Gm, F
Avril Lavigne: Forgotten
Album: Under My Skin
Tuning: Regular. No capo needed.

    Cm       D#   Dm   Gm               Cm          D#
I'm giving up on everything because you messed me up

      Dm         Gm      Cm          D#
Don't know how much you screwed it up

You never listened 
that's just too bad

Then elec. guitars come in and they are the same chords.

Chorus:         Cm      D#  Dm     F       Cm        D# 
       Have you forgotten everything that i wanted

D#        F                    Cm     D#
do you forget it now you never got it

D#      Dm       F
Do you get it now 
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

Verse and chorus the same.

Bridge: Same as the chorus.

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!

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