Avril Lavigne - Falling Down Guitar Chords

Avril Lavigne

canadian pop, candy pop, dance pop, pop

Song versions: 1 2 3
Chords: G, Em, D, G/D, Dsus4, Cm, F, Am, Em7, DSus4
Arranged By Jason Yung

Standard Tuning	

Intro: G Em D G/D (x2)

Em  G/D                    G           
If fear's what makes us decide
Our future journey
Em       G/D                G
Well I'm not along for the ride
'Cause I'm still yearning
Em  G/D                G
To try and touch the sky
My fingers burning
  G/D                      D              
Before you are old you're young
Yeah I'm stilling learning

G   Em           D
I-I-I am falling down
Try and stop me
G        Em               D
Feels so good to hit the ground
You can watch me
Em               Cm
Fall right on my face
        Em           Cm
It's an uphill human race
Em  	D            G
And I, I am falling down

I'm standing out in the street
The earth is moving
I feel it under my feet
And I'm still proving

Em	G/D	G
That I can stand my ground
And my feet are there 
Having washed my hair
To be lost before you are found
Don't mean you're losing

Back To Chorus

F                      Am
Someday I'll live in a house

Etc, etc, etc
Am                          D
But you know that's not for now
       			G    D	  G/D	
For now I'm falling down, down, down
 G	D    Cm
Down, down, down
 G	D    Em7
Down, down, down
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Back To Chorus


G   G/D   D  DSus4 Em7  Cm   Am    F   
3    3    2    3    0    3    0    1
3    3    3    3    3    3    1    1
0    0    2    2    0    5    2    2
0    2    0    0    2    5    2    3
2    3    X    X    2    3    0    3
3    X    X    X    X    3    X    1

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