Avril Lavigne - Contagious Guitar Chords

Avril Lavigne

canadian pop, candy pop, dance pop, pop

Song versions: 1 2 3 4
Chords: D, G, Bm, A
Here's my complete tabbing of 
Avril Lavigne's Contagious from her 
album "The Best Damn Thing."
It's one of my favorite song 
so I really tried my best..so,
here's the outcome..
It sounds good but I'm very open 
to accepting comments, suggestions and etc.
Have Fun!!!!!

      Uh oh uh oh

 Bm                                  G
   When you're around i don't know what to do
 Bm                            A
   I do not think that I can wait
 Bm                    G
   To go over and to talk to you
 Bm                             A
   I do not know what I should say

           Bm              G
   And i walk out in silence
            D                 A
   That's when I start to realized
              Bm             G
   What you bring to my life
     D                        A
   Damn this guy can make me cry

         D       G
   It's so contagious
       Bm           A
   I cannot get rid out of my mind
       D         G
   It's so outrageous
         Bm              A     no string
   You make me feel so high all the time


They all say that you're no good for
But I'm too close to turn around
Ill show them they don't know anything
I think I've got you figured out

So I walk out in silence
That's when I start to realize 
What you bring to my life
Damn this guy can make me smile


G                  Bm
I will give you everything
G                  A
I will treat you right
G            Bm   
If you just give me a chance
I can prove I'm right

Repeat Chorus except in the last three words

repeat chorus again


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