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Avion Roe is a four piece, self proclamed 'melodramatic rock' band that is made of vocalist Evan Couture, bassist Sean Humphrey, guitarist Jordan Modro and drummer Josh Cutlip. The group was formed in 2011 and instantly gained national acclaim with their debut album The Art Of Fiction which, featured the song "Who I Am" (whose accompanying video received millions of views online).

After signing with Epitaph Records in 2015, Couture and Modro co-produced their full length label debut album, In Separation alongside Kris Crummett (Issues, Sleeping With Sirens). The album is a sonic growth from their initial self release and represents a natural evolution for the band. One particular track, Into The Rest even features the vocals of Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens.

At their heart Avion Roe are all about their legendary live performances. "The four of us grew up going to punk rock shows and at our roots, that's what we are," Couture explains. "Until the very last note is hit and we walk off of the stage we use our adrenaline to deliver the most passionate and energetic performances we can. We’ve climbed venue rafters, thrown microphones, jumped into drum sets, and smashed guitars but most importantly we use our time on stage to connect with fans. They are listening to us but we’re listening to them too, we try to feel what they need from us and give it to them." That symbiotic relationship lies at the core of Avion Roe's existence.
Genres: pop emo

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