Avi Buffalo - She Is Seventeen Guitar Chords

Avi Buffalo

modern rock

Chords: A, A7/G, F, C#m, Em, Bm, F#m, D, Dm, E, G, A/Eb, A/D
Avi Buffalo 
She Is Seventeen
At Best...Cuckold
Tabbed by John Karwoski

   A       A7/G          F                              A  A7/G  F   
Orange and melt back so weak after i come down and relax

A       C#m           Em               Bm           A  C#m  Em  Bm 
Keeping busy with the guide around the old town

A         F#m          Bm             D                     Dm  
Situation Step out of, look at myself feening and come back down to 

            F#m E  G  Bm        
forget it all

A              A/Eb        A/D  
Oooh ooohoohh oohhh oohhh ooohhhh

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