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Avi Buffalo


Avi Buffalo is a musician and songwriter originally from Long Beach, California. He started writing music and performing live with an ensemble as a teenager and recorded an album with Aaron Embry (Elliott Smith, Daniel Lanois, etc.) when he was still in high school, which was then picked up by Sub Pop Records in Seattle. After two successful albums with the well-known label, he ventured off on his own to continue into more collaborations, writing, performance and production. On December 28th, 2017 he released a 2-hour long album titled "2017" on www.avibuffalo2018.bandcamp.com : A collection of "heavily improvised and lightly arranged" instrumental pieces made within a period of around 2.5 weeks prior using electric and acoustic guitars, a moog synthesizer, numerous effects, a super-multitrack-looper and a piano with a weighed-down sustain pedal as a generator of acoustic overtones from small tube amplifiers. Avi continues to tour as a solo artist with and without an ensemble and perform as a session musician for different artists.
Genres: modern rock

Guitar Chords:

Cant Be Too Responsible
Cant I Know
Distaste And Interest
How Come
Memories Of You
One Last
Overwhelmed With Pride
Oxygen Tank
She Is Seventeen
Summer Cum
Think Its Gonna Happen Again
Time On You
Truth Sets In
Truth Sets In (ver. 2)
Two Cherished Understandings
Weather Man Says
We Cant Try This Again
Whats In It For
Wheres Your Dirty Mind
Wont Be Around No More