Avant Garden - While There Is Still Time Guitar Chords

Chords: Db, Bb, Ab, F
[Verse 1]
Db                            Bb
Keep your head and hold the demons at the bay
Ab                          F
Walk the line, It’s only ghosts of yesterday and you’ve got
Db                            Bb                     F
All the things you need and have been waiting for so long
Db                               Bb
And what if you’ve been down and tripped along the way
Ab                            F
What’s in the past it doesn’t matter anyway, you’ve got to
Db                      Bb                       F
Build yourself anew and set out of the door once more

Bb                          Db
All this time I’ve tried to hide
Ab                            F
In the dark where I’ve been waiting
Bb                   Db
Like a neverending night
Ab                      F
In a pit where I have fallen
         Bb             Db
I keep staring at the sky
        Ab                F
I’m so far and stars so blinding
        Bb             Db
Can I crawl into the light
While there’s still time?

[Verse 2]
Db                           Bb
Swim in the ocean ‘til you lose sight of the shore
Ab                                 F
Halfway the road you’ll see the things worth fighting for, I wonder
Db                        Bb                        F
If it ain’t too late to leave it all behind, I’ve tried
Db                         Bb
Tired of running just to keep me on the wheel
Ab                   F
It’s all pretending, rules are for bending, yet we
Db                           Bb                         F
Chase the carrots like the pack mules that we are, what for?

Db         Bb                Ab          F
All the time spent waiting absolutely hollow (Why can’t I)
Db         Bb                 Ab                  F
Can’t you see the cup’s half full and more will follow?

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