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The French pop outfit Autour de Lucie originated in Paris in early 1993, when angelic chanteuse Valérie Leulliot met guitarist Olivier Durand while working odd jobs. The two decided they wanted to make music instead of becoming a part of the working class norm and formed a band, mimicking the likes of some of their favorite artists. The band welcomed bassist Fabrice Dumont later that spring and Autour de Lucie inked a deal with the Le Village Vert label, preparing for their premier debut L'Échapée Belle (1994). Whirlwind changes within the band took place over the course of three years with Jean-Pierre Ensuque replacing Durand in 1995. A year later, Autour de Lucie moved on to Nettwerk and issued a sophomore effort entitled Immobile (1997). Tours across the globe and a spot on 1998's Lilith Fair also gained Autour de Lucie a wide following, fervent fans falling for the intriguing European flair from the band, and Leulliot's graceful stage persona. The new millennium, however, defined a much more mature, and spiritually in tune Autour de Lucie. Sébastien Buffet joined on percussion just in time to record and issue the poetically dramatic Faux Mouvement in early 2001. ~ MacKenzie Wilson, Rovi
Genres: french rock

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Je Reviens