Automatic Loveletter - Never Take It Off Guitar Chords

Automatic Loveletter

candy pop, pixie, pop emo, pop punk

Chords: G, C, D, B/G, Em, Am
This song is so beautiful, sorry if I may have got the words wrong!
Just sort of hold the chord shapes and play the arpeggios (:

Also, I'm not sure if it is techically called B/G but for that chord play this:

Into: G

C        D           G
If I gave you my heart
C        D           G
To wear upon your arm
C         D         G       B/G      Em
Would you lend me all your scars to bear? 
  Am          D
I swear I'm here

     G     D       Em
And never take it off
 G     D       Em
Never take it off
            C        D         G
Cause we're all tied up in knots

Outro: G D Em Em C D G

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