Automatic Loveletter - Makeup Smeared Eyes Guitar Chords

Automatic Loveletter

candy pop, pixie, pop emo, pop punk

Chords: E, C, Am, G/C, Em, G, F
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Capo third fret

C -   032010
E/C - 022010
G/C - 320010 or just 320000 w/e you want
Am -  002210
E -   022100
G -   320033
F -   133211

C                       E/C
Left your t-shirt in my room
Am              G/C
Still smells of you
C                    E/C
And the picture you hung on the door
Am             G/C
Lay smashed, picture perfect
C        E/C
Explains now
Am                G/C
Clearly nothing left but a memory
C            E/C
We only made out
You never kissed me
That's how I learned to hold back all feeling

C                  Am
Wait, please don't go
I won't stay
All these words on replay
C      Am
I'm okay
It's all right
Good to know that you're fine

C           Am              Em             G
Pretending everything is right to make it better
C            Am               Em
I'll hide my make-up smeared eyes
To show that I'm fine

C                  E/C                    Am
Some how you have managed to get under my skin
More than anyone ever did
C                          E/C
And if every hole makes a scar
Am                       G/C
And every scar marks its place
C                  E/C             Am       G/C
Then I will never live freely without your trace
C                   E.C
And it'll never be fair
Am                                 G/C
I wrote my songs for you and you never even cared
C              E/C
So I'll forget you
                Am                   G/C
I'll wash your t-shirt and kill the pillow

And cut you out of pictures

Wait, please don't go

I won't stay

All these words on replay

I'm okay

It's all right

Good to know that you're fine

Pretending everything is right to make it better

I'll hide my make-up smeared eyes

This drama sat shotgun
My eyes rained like autumn
C                         E/C
Only the glove box knows how the story goes
Now that this bandage is broken
And the cuts left in open
I'll tell you just one thing
This wasn't worth the sting (x3)

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