Automatic Loveletter - Cant Move On Guitar Chords

Automatic Loveletter

candy pop, pixie, pop emo, pop punk

Chords: EM, C, AM, G, F, D, A, Cadd9, Em
Capo 2

EM,                        C
You build a heart that's strong
                           AM G    F
Walls to last long - it's paper mache
You think the battle's won
No use for shields and guns
       AM     G     F
You'll need them now

EM, D, AM, G, F, X2

That the lump takes a home in your throat

With the words that you're choking

As you try to tell yourself it's okay

Flying by time to gaze but never face

You're stuck in the moment
When you thought you were rolling,
         EM    D    C
But you can't move on
You feel like your able
To love past the moment
         EM   D     A
But you can't move on
Cadd9             EM D
Asking why, asking why
      Cadd9   EM    D      EM
Why I can't move on 

C, D, EM, F
C              D
Incomplete and stereotypical reaction
EM                 F              
I can't get over, over, over you
C                           D
This is how the story goes, glory in the moment
Em                       F        C
Won't let you go, won't let, you can't move on
D                           Em        F
Cant move on, can't move on, oh, I can't move on

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