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Automatic Loveletter


With her throaty pipes and anthemic songwriting, Juliet Simms logged several years as a solo artist before forming Automatic Loveletter in 2007. Drummer Daniel Currier, bassist Sean Noll, and guitar players Joe Nelson and Tommy Simms rounded out the lineup, and the group spent several months playing the Tampa Bay club circuit before heading into the recording studio with emo-pop producer Matt Squire. Automatic Loveletter had commissioned Squire to record a full album, but the project was ultimately scaled down, with several of the finished songs appearing as part of the Recover EP in 2007.

With the support of Epic Records, Automatic Loveletter spent the bulk of 2008 on the road. Recover was reissued later that year as part of a promotional tie-in with Hot Topic, but relations between Epic and the band quickly became strained, with the label repeatedly asking Simms to rewrite some of her material. Automatic Loveletter eventually switched labels, this time partnering with Sony Independent Network, and Juliet Simms drafted a new batch of songs to record with producer Josh Abraham. The result was Truth or Dare, which marked the band's full-length debut in June 2010. The album also featured the band's new lineup, which included Clint Fowler and Ryan Metcalf in addition to the two Simms siblings. ~ Andrew Leahey, Rovi
Genres: candy pop, pixie, pop emo, pop punk

Guitar Chords:

Air Kiss Salute And Aim
August 28Th 3 30 Am
Back To Life
Black Ink Revenge
Black Ink Revenge (ver. 2)
Cant Move On
Carry The Fire
Click Your Heels
Click Your Heels 3 Times And Repeat Theres No Place Like Home
Cocaine Masquerade
Cruel Cruel
Dont Let Me Down
Dont Make It So
Eyes On You
Fade Away
Goodbye Neverland
Heart Song
Heart Song (ver. 2)
Hush (ver. 2)
I Notice
I Notice (ver. 2)
I Notice (ver. 3)
Just Keep Breathing
Let It Ride
Makeup Smeared Eyes
Make-Up Smeared Eyes
Make-Up Smeared Eyes (ver. 2)
Never Take It Off
Old Movie
Pillows (ver. 2)
San Francisco
Save Me
Save Me (ver. 2)
Save Me (ver. 3)
Shut Your Mouth
The Answer
The Answer (ver. 2)
The Curtain Close
The Day That Saved Us
To Die For
Unhearted (ver. 2)
Unhearted (ver. 3)
View From Below
Whos Gonna Go